Why every Android Developer should try out Flutter
Aaron Oertel

Hey Aaron, very nice articles. I’ve been searching for the most decent mobile development environment for my new projects for a month now. I started with evaluating Xamarin.Forms, then native Xamarin.Android. My conclusion was that they are completely unstable; they keep crashing all the time while compilation horrendeously taking several minutes. Then, I had a look at Android Studio with Kotlin/Java8, which is way much more stable than Xamarin, but I found the entire native Android programming paradigm terribly cluttered, clumsy, always changing as you suggested nicely in both of your articles. When I started with Xamarin, I found XAML a kind of waste of time. Android layout XML is much more stable, but very complex to master. In my opinion to cleanly and nicely separate the user interface (UI), application logic (AL) and business logic (BL) in an application doesn’t require separate language for each of them. I love the way Flutter has a brilliantly clean toolset and let us engineers to elaborate our own architecture. I prefer interface-driven separation vs MVVM, in my apps I define communication interfaces between these layers with some object factory machinery. Flutter is a perfect tool for the style I architect my applications. Android is OK, too, but Flutter is (near) perfect.