How to Privately Exchange Monero

Miko Matsumura
Aug 18, 2017 · 2 min read

Monero is a privacy token, so how can you exchange it privately?

Monero is on an apparent bull run right now with price levels currently at $48 USD at the time of this writing. Check current monero prices here. More details on Monero here.

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Monero is a privacy token. The high trading volumes are on public exchanges like Bittrex which are account-based, which means most of the trading is speculative. For the actual users of Monero, what is the best way to privately exchange it?

Today, Evercoin launched a Monero exchange portal, as well as offering Monero as one of it’s main tokens on the front page.

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The Evercoin Monero Exchange

And here are the cryptos we support on our home page:

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We are happy to welcome the Monero community into Evercoin and if you liked this post, please follow retweet, share, and click the heart.

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