Dear Mother — It’s not okay.
Kat Bak

Without knowing my story, and without knowing all of your story, you gave me something by telling yours. A mirror I could look into, and see the beautiful person I made from the ashes of my family, and the hopes I have for my son. A mirror I could look into and see myself validated for the same choice you made. A mirror I could look into and see how easy it is to get lured, seduced and manipulated back into situations and relationships with people who say they’re your family, but are merely relatives. Family love you and hold you and keep you. THAT is what the quote is really saying. We’re lucky if we find family among relatives, but family is based on love and love is out there for all of us. However we choose to accept and give it.

Stay no contact Mama. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay.

Thank you for being you and for being brave and loving language. You’re loved.

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