Impact of Online Gambling Business When Corona Virus Pandemic

Beginning in 2020 should be the beginning of the year that began the development of various businesses to support a good economic level. But this is wrong, because in early 2020 there was an outbreak of a virus that was very deadly to the world economy.

The virus is called the corona virus or what is often referred to is COVID 19. The virus has become endemic in almost all countries on our earth. We all also know for certain what impact the corona virus has on our lives. Especially for the world economy experiencing a turmoil in a drastic decline.

For online gambling business Pkv game themselves are also experiencing an economic downturn. The decrease is due to the corona virus that plague very quickly. So that there were many players who played online gambling games, so now it has declined. The impact of the corona is felt by all walks of life. For Indonesia, there are rules to keep distance and rules for all of us at home.

Thus there is no economic growth in the community, if it is so automatic all businesses will be cold. The current epidemic frightens all of us to a death due to a virus, not frightening us about our economic downturn. There is no bright spot from the treatment or vaccine related to the corona virus. People can only isolate themselves so that there is no further spread of the virus.

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