A quick illustrated guide to help you become a real Sketch professional

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Learning Sketch is a lot like learning how to drive. It’s relatively easy to take the first steps, but mastering the skill is a completely different animal.
As always in design, devil’s in the details. Becoming a Sketch pro is pretty much about clever workarounds and nasty little tricks. Today I’d like to share a few of them — ones that I personally like most. Some of them are pretty basic, some are not. Some have already gained popularity, some are rather unknown. …

How to give feedback that actually makes a difference

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This is an article about giving feedback that not only sounds valuable but will actually bring change and help people. It’s not only about what to say, but how to say it too.

Similarly to my last article, it focuses on work-related situations but could be applied to feedback of any kind (personal, professional, technical etc.)

Why do people work in teams? Primarily, because this way we can move faster and combine resources and skills of multiple individuals. But that’s not all! Great achievements are rarely a one-man job. Even those signed by a single name usually are not…

Or how to make the very best of your first real job

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Albeit written from a perspective of a designer & developer, I dedicate this article to all the beginners in their first jobs who work in teams.

So you finally got a serious job, working with a real team on real projects. A high time you eventually used all those skills you gained so far, show off what you can and make some real things for real people.

Sounds good? It definitely does! And to be true, it’s probably one of the coolest moments you’ll ever experience. The question now is, how to use it right.

With all the excitement that…

Mikolaj Dobrucki

Designer & Developer. Novice public speaker. Design tools freak. Writes and speaks about design, CSS and SVG http://mikolajdobrucki.com/

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