FHX Ultra High Density Fiber Patching Solution For Cabling Management

Today’s data center and telecommunications environments heavily depend on the foundations of the optical network–communicating, transmitting, and protecting the data upon which your business relies. Among data centers, fiber cabling management is becoming a key issue, which is resulted from increasing needs for higher bandwidth and requirements for more fiber cables. To meet the ever-increasing needs, make fiber cabling management convenient and innovative ultra high density data center architectures possible, FS.COM developed and introduced the ultra high density fiber patching solution to tackle these problems head-on, which includes FHX ultra adapter panels, FHX ultra MTP/MPO cassettes and FHX ultra fiber enclosures.

Ultra High Density Fiber Patching Solution

Fiber adapter panels, MTP/MPO cassettes and fiber enclosure, as the most widely used products for cable management, are inevitably becoming the breakthroughs for ultra high density cabling. Several useful fiber patching products specially designed for ultra high density cabling will be introduced for your reference.

FHX Ultra Adapter Panel

FHX ultra adapter panel is a kind of extractable high density fiber adapter panel, designed to provide easy management of MACs of connections in data center, as simple as Plug & Play. It has three different types of ultra high density fiber adapter panels, namely FHX LC adapter panels, FHX SC adapter panels and FHX MTP adapter panels. They are all used in conjunction with FHX series enclosure to provide a means to connect backbone-to-backbone or backbone-to-horizontal fiber cabling.

FHX ultra adapter panels highlight smaller form factor, more rugged cabling. The locking position exists on the slide tray of the fiber adapter panel to avoid the possibility of kinking. It can also reduce congestion within and between racks for improved airflow, and less risk of downtime due to pinched or bent cables. In addition, FHX ultra adapter panels are available for one-hand installation and removal, which reduced MAC time, suitable for FHX series enclosure to allow for future growth, and allows for routing and protection of fibers without disturbing adjacent circuits.

The retaining ring can be routed straight back to avoid the possibility of kinking

FHX Ultra MTP/MPO Cassette

Ultra high density MTP cassette from FS.COM addresses today’s requirements for increasingly higher density levels, are fitted with 12 Fibers and have array adapters on the front side and MTP at the rear. This cassette is tailor-made for optimizing cable management, speed deployment, and improving flexibility and manageability for lower installation costs. FHX series MTP/MPO cassettes are used for high density pre-terminated optical cabling solutions offering industry-leading connector density.

Guidelines for duplex signals 10G Ethernet and fibre channel applications

FHX conversion cassette features two rear MTP-12 adapters at the rear for mating to backbone, providing a breakout to MTP-8 ports at the front, which is the integration of advanced optical components, allowing the higher level based on original application in data center, SAN and infiniband etc. MTP conversion cassette also enables populate-as-you-go connectivity with pre-installed MTP backbone cables to parallel optics, creating a 33% spacing-saving upgrading path.

Conversion solution for your existing backbone

FHX Ultra Fiber Enclosure

FS.COM offers 1RU rack mount enclosure, which can house FHX series MTP/MPO modular cassettes or fiber adapter panels. It provides high density flexible system for managing fiber terminations, connections, and patching in data center application to maximize rack space utilization and minimize floor space. It can support total fiber capacity up to 144 fibers for LC interface. It’s suitable for upgrade to 40G/100G or expand fiber infrastructure and premium construction. FHX Fiber Enclosures can be converted to support either 8-port or 12-port cassettes and adapters, by moving and changing the rails. This gives you the maximum freedom to deploy any network architecture, fiber infrastructure, network type, either duplex or parallel. FHX ultra high density enclosure is designed with optimum serviceability and manageability.

Multiple installation combination for 144 fibers


The FHX ultra high density fiber patching solution meets the need of optimizing existing data center space and minimizing installation time, which brings great convenience for cabling management. In all, the whole fiber patching solution becomes the most serviceable and manageable in the market today.