Five Years and Counted.

I came and I conquered and then I moved on.

For the past 7 or 8 years, I’ve run an Australian music site originally titled Me, And All My Friends but more recently simply referred to as maamf. It’s maamf where you kinda hold onto the ‘a’, kind of like a baa that a sheep would make but instead of a baa, it’s maamf. In a couple of weeks, the farmyard that has been my musical taste as exhibited by an at times shit throwing wordpress site will come to an end.

I really want to set a date for the final post (a mixtape), but I can’t/won’t. It’ll be either the first or second week of November and will simply be the October mixtape, a collection of my favourite tracks for the month, complete with a bit of writing about a couple of the tracks. It won’t be a marked special post, it won’t be a retrospective. It’ll just be a mixtape with writing. The same as the mixtapes I’ve done for quite sometime now.

A little while ago, I realised that something in me life needed to be put on hold. Just for a while. In addition to a PhD, music publicity work, tutoring and teaching, and the other occasional writing jobs, maamf has been plodding along, with more ebbs and flows than I would have liked.

As seems to be the fashion lately with a coupla blogs doing the same thing — maamf ain’t leaving forever. It’s just going on a little holiday, rejuvenating itself, having some time to ring itself dry, all clogged up with five years of Australian music content. It’s been 5 years since maamf properly started off on the Australian music tip. In those five years, the tastes have changed. Considerably. It’s been interesting to have a quick look back on 1, the ways I use to write and 2, the music that I use to include. Hopefully it’s a somewhat accurate portrayal of the Australian music listener in more general terms.

Before the mixtapes became the only maamf output, I would write in more detail about excellent new Australian artists. Violet was one of those.

This decision hasn’t been an easy one, but it is one that I really must take. I really enjoy being able to write about music each month. It’s something I’ve only really dipped back into reasonably recently too. I’ll still be looking to write about music, just on a more official, although maybe less regular (but paid) basis. You know, I too need to make money to pay for all those smashed avo’s.

I did want to spend a little bit of time saying thanks though. Thank you to all the beautiful people I’ve been lucky enough to meet both online and in person over the past five years. I’ve made two really good mates from maamf and a whole network of really cool supportive pals. The incredible bits of wisdom and guidance gained have made this whole venture possible. It’s indeed made a whole heap of other things possible too. A special thanks also goes to a special Tommy for helping me come to terms with what maamf was/is/and could be in the future. Often you need someone else to kick you along in your decision making. Thanks for that man.

And of course to all the incredibly excellent and interesting musicians who over the years have emailed and submitted music. Without your creative outputs, maamf’d still be some boring take on the goings on of some fella living in Melbourne. So, you know, it really couldn’t be without you.

To those who have been fans since the beginning, to those that only just discovered maamf, it’ll still be online, just for you. The site was never meant to be some game changer, and really never meant to be anything more than an opportunity to talk about the music that I personally was enjoying. The fact that it has occupied some little tiny corner of the internet for sometime now feels nothing short of a privilege to me. Go have a dig around, listen to some of those mixtapes. And for those digging deep, go read those little single/EP/clip/LP reviews.

There was a time when maamf had a contributor by the name of Adam. He was legendary. This was his last post on maamf.

In the meantime, you can still follow the occasional occurrence of music life over on my instagram. The twitter will still be active and so will the facebook (these’ll be a lot more sporadic than they are now though). You can also keep on top of all of my other writing work over on my site here:

And for those looking to have some music promo done on their behalf, one of the ventures made possible by being involved in maamf, DONE can be accessed here: Jack R Reilly is the latest artist I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside. You can stream his debut EP Video Tapes here.

A thank you and good night to each and every one of you. Wake up tomorrow, attack the day ahead and go to sleep knowing you contributed in a positive way to the life of this guy here, Miks Everitt from Melbourne, Australia.