Watching his bafflement at new Apple machines helped cement my decision never to buy one again.
Louis Rossmann is a Quality Guy
Alex Rowe

Speaking of which, it was your Dell G5 Gaming Laptop Review article that spurred my consideration of a non-Apple solution. So, thanks!

Later, I found Louis Rossmann’s channel (might have been his video The truth about iPhone bendgate deniers).

I experienced two of the Apple design failures Louis discusses: iPhone 6 Plus “touch disease” and MacBookPro6,2 (Mid-2010) GPU thermal problems causing display failures.

I am fatigued by Apple’s design failures. There is just no excuse for it. Claiming that your company is responsible and customer-focused requires you, by definition, to manufacture products that function, nay, “delight”, over their lifetime.

If Apple can’t design thin, functional, reliable, and yes, expensive products, then maybe it’s time to rethink that strategy. Something’s got to give before I return to the fold.

//rant off

En route to purchase your preferred Dell G5, I discovered the Alienware 15R4. Ugh, gawdy. And I’m not a gamer. Reliability? Yikes! Plenty of negative (and some positive) empirical reports.

But it was on sale and a 1GB hard disk accompanies the SSD. Reliability can’t be worse that Apple’s.

I’ve only had it a day and I still don’t care for Windows. antiX or other Linux variant will fix that.

The keyboard feels like my 2010 MacBookPro keyboard, only more fluid. The extra column of gaming shortcut keys to the left of the keyboard will take some adjustment but isn’t a deal killer. Touchpad is smaller but surprisingly, I don’t yearn for something larger.

Once again, thank you for helping me find the exit to Apple’s sheeple corral.