Starting with myself

Its been roughly 6 months since I moved to Melbourne, and it is roughly the same time that I have not been exercising. Living in Melbourne is great but my first 6 months has definately not been healthy living (awesome food, craft beers and Wines!). And I am starting to feel the effects, not sleeping properly, brain fog, general irritation and low energy. Thus it is time for a change.

As a sidenote I have been thinking a lot about healthy organisations, how to make the people I work with happy and enjoying what they do. Promise I will write more about this when I am myself feeling better. It is after all kind of an prelude you need to have in order to do what you preach?

So all the reasoning aside it is time to get going. From my previous experience I have noticed my body reacts well to certain things.

  1. Lifting heavy things vs. cardio training
  2. Dropping (almost) all dairy products
  3. Not eating any “white” products
  4. Yoga
  5. Good fats

So here is the plan, I will get going with these principles and start tweaking my wellbeing from here. I will get in to the reasoning of the 6 main things in a later posts. I also have couple of work colleagues who are very successfull in different types of training, I need to catch up with them and see if I can add anything to my wellbeing regime. And just to clarify, my goal is wellbeing. Feeling happy, energetic and sleeping well. Weight loss etc. will follow when I get these things dialed in.