I’m ‘that’ type of single friend.

Single: unmarried or not involved in a stable sexual relationship.

I’m the first to admit that I probably would be no good in a relationship. Why though? That I am not entirely sure I can completely answer... It could be because I get easily frustrated with certain types of characters, never know what I want, hate the lead up ‘small talk’ and really enjoy knowing I don’t have someone at home messaging me asking where I am and what I am doing 24/7. *

Am I hostile towards those in relationships? No. At times it may seem like it, but if you’re in a relationship I respect that, do your thing.

But I must clarify what I mean by being ‘that’ type of single friend.

I’m ‘that’ type of single friend because I start to distance myself from my friends who choose their partners over ever spending a night out with friends. There is only so much effort a person can put in to some who is putting their all into their partner. I never understood how my friends can sit back and not raise an eyebrow at the fact they never see there friends anymore, and never question why that is.

I’m ‘that’ type of single friend because I love to make relationship jokes. 
Never about a particular person, their traits or their relationship, but if I see a good meme on Facebook and I think it calls for a fun tag, chances are I will tag you. Don’t get offended, it’s not an attack against you I just simply had a laugh and needed a couple to join in on it.

I’m ‘that’ type of single friend because I get sick to death of my friends trying to wing-man me, set me up on a double date, or tell me that I need to settle down with someone. I don’t want anyone, I don’t need anyone, and I sure as hell don’t think Dylan from the pub who bought me a drink and told me “you have a nice ass” really deserves anymore of my time after I’ve downed the frothy he bought me.

I’m ‘that’ type of single friend because if you ever come to me really happy with your relationship I will be happy for you. But if you come to me to complain or ask for advice I will probably tell you to have a tequila and dump them. Screw the drama, the only D I want is a drink.

It’s just one of those things that you either like it or lump it. Relationships are cool when you aren’t on a leash and don’t have to ask permission to do the things you once found joy in. And having a single friend like me should never make you worried or make you think you should help us out- we’re all good- I promise.

Spend time with your partners, be happy- just remember us single ones out there still love a good time with our mates and don’t always want to spend it third wheeling or hearing about the adorable thing Johnathon did for you and how much you love him. No but seriously be happy in your relationships, I’m glad there’s people out there who can handle them and appreciate them for what they’re worth.

And for those who find themselves being ‘that’ type of single friend like me, cheers to you. You’re a rad human being and stay single- screw the hassles!

*disclaimer- I acknowledge not everyone is like this, excuse the stereotypical comment.