Ummm was that a temper tantrum?

Whhhaaat.. the fuck was that?

We were walking home from the park when my 15 month old threw herself on the ground. She spotted a screw that was bolted into the sidewalk that she decided she must. have. right. now.

Well, being the responsible parent that I am, I told her that no she can’t play with the screw in the ground. I tried to hold her hand to lead her away from said screw, but she wouldn’t have it. She began to cry and actually lied down on the ground. I decided to pick her up and walk home since she wouldn’t cooperate, and that’s when it really got going. She protested my decision with shrieks and tears and tried to get out of my arms. It was embarrassing. People around me were looking at us.. probably wondering what I had done to make my child so upset.

Finally I thought maybe I could put her down and we could walk the rest of the way home. I set her down on the ground and she immediately tried to run back to the screw. Her expression was so desperate that it made me actually laugh out loud. She looked like she had finally escaped something terrible and was running for her life. She was sobbing and panting at the same time. It was so sad and yet so funny.

So I had to pick her up again and walk the 4 more blocks it would take to get home. Ugh. She was screaming when a woman who was walking towards us asked me if she was okay. “Yeah she’s fucking okay asshole”.. was what I wanted to say but I actually just said “yep” without making eye contact! I certainly showed her!

About 20 feet from our house my husband texted me to tell me it sounded like Mila was crying and he wanted to know where we were. lol.

So we finally walked in the door and Mila saw Jake, our dog, and yelled “DAH!!” (which is her version of “dog”). I set her down and she ran over to him to give him a hug. She seemed to have forgotten that she made every single pedestrian between the park and our house peer over at us with curiosity and concern.

I realized that day that seeing babies freak out about stuff that doesn’t matter is a little funny to me… which I think makes me evil? Oh well.

Can’t wait to see what else Mila decides to lose her mind over in the coming years.