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Should programmers focus rank or grade?

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Today I want to ask a fundamental question about the roadmap for a programmer just like myself. Before making a decision think carefully, to consider:


I mean the same as military meaning. real position on organisation and basic levels with clear coordinates


your place on the specify grade compared to others on same grade. Responsibility, quality, and some other particularity personality.

Why discussion?

As I remember my early days on programming I moved as fast as I can. for example I wrote my first program 2 days after reading my first book in Pascal. …

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Today I start to write my first story on Medium just like same thing on persian mirror of Medium named Virgol. I feel better when writing something specific about my interest topics. Sure this is not only about me, however I’m a little excitement by this.

The first benfit for me is to improve my english as I need to discussion about topics, this is awesome. In the fact the best method I know to learn somethings is this, place myself under pressure to use the knowledge of that and find out my weakness and fix them.

Absolutely not mean my stories are not meaningful or useable, surly I’ll not writing here except there is valuable topic coming up.

I’ll continue …

Milad Abooali

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