Milad Amirvafa
Feb 9 · 4 min read

How to promote Instagram when we don’t have access to IG promotions!

By : BusinessInsider

I started my digital social network marketing agency since a year ago. before that time I used to be developer and marketing solutions provider in web, Google & more.

‌Marketing in Instagram is one of my favorite things that I really enjoy that. I can combine everything I experienced during my developer and marketing career and make it so interactive while Instagram doesn't want to get out it’s own structure. so you have to be so creative to make something new!

The story starts since we faced ultra sanctions from world wide! well it was difficult for anyone in Iran for trading, marketing or taking the risk of it.

I don’t want to talk about sanctions. I just want to tell how we deal that to promote our businesses.

Instagram and Telegram are the key social medias in Iran. You can’t find anyone who doesn't have Instagram or Telegram account.

Telegram was blocked by government since 2 years ago and Instagram became more popular than ever.

There is no business, little to big ones that doesn't own and Instagram page.

Well, we don’t have credit cards like Visa or Master Card, PayPal blocked us and Instagram doesn't have Iran in the list of countries for making promotion!

Instagram Promotions

Instagram offers it’s own promotions to grow your page organically to get followers or get profile visit, likes or redirection to your website.

So what we have to do if we don’t have access to that!?

They are so many solutions you can think about it. But we’re looking for ones that really work.

Honestly I experienced that many web and internet solutions are not really working for everybody.

First focus on not making people confused!

So If you want a successful marketing plan on Instagram, please remember that follow Instagram structure and template.

Follower challenges

  1. Great pages and big business names without followers and likes

It was hard for anyone who owns a page, public figure page or business page with great content or good products and stuff but no likes or no followers. So people come and see oh! It’s 1000 followers. forget about it. if they were good they really had followers!

2. Pages with fake followers

A great common mistake. People do this all the time. they add fake followers to look good to everyone. but It has many challenges. like having 50K followers and 50 likes for each post! Well nobody accepts this.

Also Instagram don’t likes such things too.

3. Untrustable pages and low engagement rate

You have good IG page. also maybe you get good followers or likes too.

But something is wrong! They don’t buy anything or they can’t really get engaged to your page.

We’re looking for followers! what we have to do?

  1. Influencers ! Advertise, stories, posts

The way that sounds good and it has a great impact on promoting your page without needing to Instagram promotions . Connect to influencers and ask them to shout out your services on their stories or posts. They are many challenges for influencer marketing too. like finding a fitting influencer or what impact it’s going to have on your business or brand. I will cover about this in next articles

2. Be so clingy :|

Go and comment as much as you can. Write and advertise about your page. but you have to be clever to know where to comment or what say

3. Follow to get Follow back

It doesn't work anymore, forget about it

4. Advertise on Google or websites

Yes! it’s good idea but you have to know what to do. you can have a good website with high rank on Google, then redirect people to follow your page.

5. Giveaways! my favorite solution

Well what we did here and it really worked fine with 80% of success in our plans. We take advantage of giveaways. We collected some prizes and talked to the influencers that are fitting for us. Then asked them to tell their followers “ Follow these pages and their followers to get an #iPhone !”

Estimate 40K to 300K or maybe more is possible to gain followers from this way, and if you are intelligent you can select your target audience to know how you are going to take advantage of them.

People who comes from giveaways are not always a stable follower to a page. So now you can see how to handle them and manage them to get addicted to your page or make them a real customer for your business.

I have a lot of things to tell you about these and I try cover that on my next story

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