Why I chose Laravel

hugging future

In the century of Higgs boson, people don’t like blabbermouthes.
so if you want to know “why i choose Laravel”, the answer would be “Hugging future” and you can stop reading.

I’m not going to write a technical article But if you ask for details, here we go:

1. CodeIgniter is dead

Who can say that CodeIgniter wasn't best PHP framework ever?! But like every good thing, CI dead. I don’t want to explain why sweet CI dead but briefly i can say Legacy support trap, Lack of strong leadership, messy codes, Lack of native design patterns, need many core modification … ( for more detail see “ Why CodeIgniter is Dead ” by Shawn McCool ).

So sooner or later developers should migrate to another framework. But which one has pros of CI without its cons?
Of course Laravel. Laravel has every good features of CI and many more features that makes it a brilliant choice for migrating from CI.

2. Composer

In the term of “Dependency management”, PHP was (is?!) a dummy.

PHP wasn't a vise choice for big projects because of Lake of a standard solution for dependency management. There was some solutions out there but each one of them has its “ Achilles’ heel ”.
When you were looking at a project source code it was like a maze. A projects would die with the death of its programmer.

Till Composer comes to life :

Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the dependent libraries your project needs and it will install them in your project for you.

You know what? composer will do 50% (maybe more) of your projects. consider you want a user management (register, login …) in your project, just two lines of code and done!

Composer is also responsible for loading classes in your project and it will speed up your project by compiling your class map.

Laravel 4 is heavily based on composer. Framework itself is a package and Installable via composer.
you can use all packages in repositories such as “Packagist” ( 18 198 packages registered ).

3. Pleasure

For me coding is not just s business, It’s my love. I love to look at my code and enjoy it. When you use Laravel, your code is a beautiful picture of your mind. Everything is structured well. Codes are readable so debugging is fun instead of painful. Every moments you know what you did and what you should do next. Its all because of an strong design pattern.

4. Taylor Otwell, Dayle Rees & others

  • “Are these features?”
    “No, they are people behind the scene”
  • “Is it important who is behind the scene?”
    “Believe me, they are most important”

Using a framework is like sitting in a car when another person is driving. You should trust his/her ability and skills.

Taylor is a kind code machine and also a leader. A leader should be a vise futurologist and Taylor is.
His vision wasn't to make a framework like others, He designed Laravel for future. Its true that “Laravel is the future of PHP”.

Dayle Rees, is a nice guy (just look at his face). I learned a lot from his book (Code Bright) and if you couldn't buy his book like me (I’m Living in Iran & blah blah …), you can read all chapters in his blog.

And also others, Shawn McCool, Phil Sturgeon, ..

Final Thoughts

If you are new to PHP frameworks or you are an experienced one, you should give Laravel a try.
Laravel is a great tool. It can be used in small projects to Large scaled applications.