México Libre: A Milagro Mural Project With Beo Hake

In case you missed it: we teamed up with street artist Beo Hake to create a mural for Colorado Crush, representing the legends and mythology of Pre-Hispanic Mexico. Covering almost a full city block in the River North Art District in Denver, the piece was completed to coincide with Mexican Independence Day. Here’s how it all came together.

It starts with a sketch. Well, it starts with a concept, which leads to the sketch. Here’s Beo Hake working in his studio in Mexico.

When sketching, Beo Hake works by hand as well as digitally, which facilitates going from this…

…to this. This wall, as we mentioned, is most of a city block. Coincidentally, it belongs to a tortilla factory.

Filling in the wings of the eagle, standing for Mexican Nationalism. Its wings spread to encompass everything else.

Adding detail to the rabbit imprinted in the moon by Quetzalcoatl, from Aztec Folklore

A work like this exists in several different mediums before it’s done, not the least of which is the mural itself. All said and done, it’s also a lot of paint.

In Aztec Mythology, Mictlantecuhtli reigned over the dead as the king of Mictlan, the lowest part of the underworld.

A detail of the eagle’s wing, who represents light, and the day.

3) Jaguar Warriors were an elite force within the Aztec Army. In contrast to the eagle, the jaguar represents the night and darkness.

And there you have it: “México Libre” by @Beo Hake. Thanks to our friends at with @Colorado Crush and especially to Beo Hake for taking part.

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