Work from home

Why designers shouldn’t work from home

We all know that working from home sometimes might be very overwhelming especially for those who have kids, including me. And the matter is even if you are able to work from home, you really shouldn’t. And there are many reasons why.

The first thing you need to know is that working from home can ruin your entire life, if you don’t commit to set yourself boundaries. We humans are destined to go somewhere to work, and come back and relax at home with our families, that’s just how our biology works.

Work life balance

If you have a family we often tend to ignore the time and somehow we spend a lot of time with our family which is very normal but the reason is, our work becomes our last priority. And that is why many designers work very late. Its not that we want to work late, its just our lack of time management, which can be fixed easily.

No actual place to call a workplace

For someone, being able to work on different places is a miracle, including me, first when I started it was just wonderful, being able to work from home, sometimes from a coffee shop, on a park, basically everywhere. But after a few years, you realize that you really need your own space, no disruptions, we simply want to feel calm. That’s why I found that being able to have a small office somewhere else which I could call a workplace, made my workflow much easier, and more fun.

No days off

When working from home, we always act like our own boss, which seems to be a terrible boss. I myself never took a day off when I was working from home. I just didn’t. It’s easy to sit down on a weekend to “just do one quick thing”, and suddenly your day off has disappeared. I agree that sometimes working on weekends is really necessary, but taking time off to recharge can do more for our mental health, not to mention productivity and energy levels.

Try to find at least one day a week where you unplug from work completely. Don’t answer emails, don’t check in, and definitely don’t walk by your home office space.

Learn to say NO

Inexplicably, most people seem to mistake working from home for “funemployment.” Anyone who works from home is used to the endless requests for favors during the work day. Yes, your work-from-home job might be flexible, but you might also be expected to observe the exact same hours as the rest of your team, so practice the following: “No, I can’t pick you up from the airport/watch your kid/attend your community theater matinee. I’m happy to once I’m off work!”