E-Cigarettes Taste Better Than Tobacco Cigarettes

The biggest concern of those looking to do the switch is if e-cigarettes taste like real cigarettes. While there are various brands claiming their products imitate the same taste of burnt tobacco, but if you ask any experienced vaper, he/she will tell you that they actually taste better.

While e-cigarettes may look very similar to tobacco cigarettes, the way they work are pretty different. With e-cigarettes there is no combustion. Instead there is a heating element that heats the e-liquid. Since there is nothing burning during this process, it is quite impossible to replicate the exactly taste of burn tobacco. However, most tobacco-flavored e-liquids taste very similar to fresh tobacco with a sweet hit.

Many smokers tend to avoid trying e-cigarettes because they are convinced they won’t taste like tobacco cigarettes. Though that’s true, but with so many other fascinating flavors to try, it doesn’t even matter. In fact, there are many smokers who can’t even stand the taste or smell of tobacco. If you are one of them, that is one more reason for you to switch to e-cigarettes.

In order to find an e-liquid that you’ll like, think about something you like to eat or drink. You will certainly find an e-liquid that imitates its taste. Many vapers have said that they didn’t want to quit smoking because they enjoyed it, but after they’ve switched to e-cigarettes and tried some pleasant fruit flavors, they guarantee they will never go back to that dreadful tobacco taste.

It is important to mention that giving up tobacco cigarettes may be a little more difficult than you thing. That is because your body is not only addicted to the nicotine in tobacco cigarettes but also to the alkaloids,ammonia, arsenic, and hydrogen cyanide you’ve been feeding it for years. Thus, a few days after you’ve given up smoking, your body is going to ask for all this chemicals. But if you hold strong, your body will adjust to the changes, and soon become used with the flavors of e-liquids.


While e-cigarettes don’t taste exactly the same as tobacco cigarettes, they have much less of the negative baggage associated with tobacco cigarettes. And added the fact that they allow you to really taste what you’re smoking and that there is a variety of flavors for you to choose from, that make them even more inviting to try. All it takes is obtaining a taste for e-cigarettes.

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