Why Is Getting an E Cig Starter Kit a Smart Choice

You know smoking literally drains the life out of you, but you still want to do it. No, you don’t want to, but you need to, since you’re a passionate nicotine lover. Smoking has evolved during the years, and if you’re interested in preserving your health, you’ll explore all the alternatives the market offers so your smoking experience also evolves and gets better. For instance, the e-cigarette. The e-cigarette is a relatively new invention on the market and has already gained huge popularity among smokers and even non-smokers that want to experiment and try something new. Here are 5 top reasons as to why you should get e cig starter kit and switch to vaping:

Vaping Is Much Safer Than Smoking

Smoking tobacco cigarettes comes down to a combustion of tobacco, which by itself is a very harmful chemical reaction that needs to happen in order for you to inhale nicotine. Besides nicotine, there are other chemicals in a tobacco cigarette, that as a result of the burning process turns into ashes, which can be easily seen. Vaping doesn’t work that way. There’s no tobacco involved and there are definitely no harmful ingredients here to be burned , only a small amount of nicotine. If you get e cig starter kit,you’ll see that there is a small tank and a so-called ‘e-juice’, so it all comes down to heating the juice and inhaling the vapor.

Vaping Is Cheaper Than Smoking

To get a e cig starter kit, you’ll only need to make a very small initial investment, depending on the type of kit you’ll choose. That e-cigarette will serve you for quite some time, that is, until the juice is over. And afterwards, all you’ll need to do, is get a refill, which costs very little, and you won’t be doing it on a daily basis. On the other hand, buying 1–2 packs of tobacco cigarettes a day, costs much more. So, with an e-cigarette, you’ll be saving a lot of money.

E-Cigarettes Offer Versatility

E-cigarettes often come with a tank in which you place the e-juice. Which means, you can try so many different flavours. Is there a traditional cigarette with strawberry flavour you can smoke? I don’t think so. But vaping a strawberry flavoured e-juice is very much possible. So, why not a different smell and taste for a change?

Vaping Doesn’t Leave Terrible Smell

The awful smell from traditional cigarettes that seems to cling to everything it gets in touch with, comes from the combustion of a chemical ingredient in the cigarette called ‘tar’. Plus, tobacco itself doesn’t really smell like flowers. So, because of this tar component, the smell from smoking traditional cigarettes clings to clothes, furniture and even hair, and doesn’t go away for days. The e-juice doesn’t contain tar or anything alike, so you can rest assured that if you get e cig starter kit, you won’t need to wash your clothes or your hair every single day.

Smoking Can Kill Your Social Life

Smoking has never been seen as a good habit. It’s a nasty, boring, expensive habit that eventually takes its taxes on your health and your social life. Like a girl/guy but he/she doesn’t smoke and you always smell like you just chewed tobacco? That relationship is very unlikely to go somewhere. You finally found a job you’re good at, but the recruiter finds your smell and your disturbing impatience because you need a smoke, disgusting? Yeah, you’re not making much of an impression here.

So, did I convince you that smoking traditional cigarettes is something that should rest in the past? Give your lungs, your pocket and your social life a break; get e cig starter kit and switch to vaping. You’ll feel the difference from day one.