Following the launch of our public testnet a few weeks ago, we are delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with multi-chain data indexing network Unmarshal.

Going forward, the KIRA team will assist Unmarshal with development of data integrity verification technology, and will work closely together to ensure the best possible experience for end users accessing the interchain space. Thanks to on-chain data integrity verification, client-facing applications will be able to trust decentralized data providers rather than only centralized API providers such as INFURA.

At present, the Unmarshal network supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Elrond, and Polkadot as well as…

Virtually all blockchain developers are familiar with Infura, the scalable development suite providing instant API access to Ethereum. Infura and similar blockchain API on demand services, despite their ease of use, pose a real threat to any client-facing applications. This is particularly pronounced during utilization peaks such as periods of high market volatility when access to the client-facing applications such as centralized exchanges and wallets is most important for the users.

To mitigate issues associated with the centralization of API services, KIRA team has developed a decentralized version of Infura service. INTERX, aka “Interchain NginX,” which not only provides scalable…

In this article we will explore Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), concept of re-fungibility, spending pools, token buckets and explain how NFTs can be used to generate passive income for their holders. You will also learn how NFTs interact with KIRA Network to benefit its security and discover new mechanisms that provide market access and price discovery of Non-Fungible Assets.


  • NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) — digital representation of unique tangible and intangible assets
  • Staking NFTs secures the KIRA Network through the Multi Bonded Proof of Stake consensus
  • KIRA Governance defines interest rates for staking NFTs
  • All NFTs on KIRA can be…

We are excited to announce that on December 29th, 2020 we will be launching the Phase 0 of the KIRA Testnet program where a group of selected individuals will have the opportunity to participate and iteratively test the earliest releases of the KIRA Network.


  • Testnet Program Phase 0 starts on 29.12.2020
  • Participants will have to complete milestones and submit reports
  • Fill out this form before 12pm UTC on 28.12.2020 to apply for the Testnet Program
  • Bounties ranging from $50 to $1k worth of KEX, Validator and Governance seats can be won for submitting detailed and valuable contributions



We would like to start this summary by thanking the KIRA community for supporting us throughout our journey thus far. Since the inception of the project almost two years ago and the development of the concept into a reality, to a sometimes long and arduous fundraising and marketing round that included 12 institutional funds, over 100 seed and private investors along with over 60 AMA’s!!!, we’re still more excited than ever for what’s to come in Q4 2020, Q1 2021 and beyond. …

The brilliant use of game theory discourages malicious behavior and rewards honest actors in cryptocurrency networks, allowing consensus to progress safely. Effectively it is the “value” or threat of losing that “value” which discourages fork creation or downtime of the network operators (miners, authorities or validators). If there was no “value” that can be lost (at stake) then there would be no cost for network operators to create forks and attempt to double spend. Without any “value at stake” and without incentives, cryptocurrency networks cannot exist.

In Proof of Work mining shorter chains wastes electricity, in Proof of Stake slashing…

Securing Proof of Stake networks is one of the most difficult challenges that the cryptocurrency ecosystem is currently facing. If we are to enter a new paradigm, the renaissance of crypto, where hundreds of new Proof of Stake blockchain applications are created each day, then we need to have not only tools to attract developers such as Cosmos SDK and Substrate but also secure incubation conditions where those projects can thrive.

Latest generation networks such as Polkadot, Dfinity, or Ethereum 2.0 allow an almost uncapped number of new blockchain applications to secure their operations through so-called sharding or “shared security”…

Get Ready for the Future of Crowdfunding


In this article, you will find out about a unique crowdfunding tool that will soon entirely revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry. We will revisit the legacy kickstarting mechanisms such as StakeDrops and Initial Coin Offerings to later deep dive into our latest industry standard.

IVO TLDR, and what to expect?

  • Invest in crypto and enterprise businesses without spending any of your existing assets
  • Keep full custody over 100% of your investment with the ability to pull out at any time
  • Maintain full liquidity over your investment, trade and participate in DeFi at the same time
  • Mitigate volatility risk, by not…

Cosmos Hub Staking Service

Kira Core is excited to announce that starting February 18th 2020 KIRA Staking validator launches on Cosmos Hub with 0.5% commission fees.

Sentry Node Architecture, hardware security module, and custom-built uninterruptible power supply are used to maintain the highest possible uptime of the staking service and prevent any chances of double-sign slashing.

Architecture Overview

Service is being hosted and supported in the Simply Virtual Currencies data center in Malta that offers cutting edge security — such as escorted access, dual doors with biometric access, locked cabinets, automatic fire suppression, UPS battery backup and complete CCTV coverage of the entire site.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are major catalysts when it comes to adoption, especially when looking at mainstream institutions still being hesitant toward dealing with virtual currencies and assets due to regulatory uncertainty. It is therefore important for this industry to have strong, reliable exchanges, and while centralized and pseudo decentralized exchange models have been the standard in the space for almost a decade, better solutions are coming to the market, providing a truly decentralized model, while the entire experience feels indistinguishable from its centralized counterparties.


Kira is a next-generation interchain exchange protocol, engineered for cross-chain transfers and frictionless trading. On the one…

Milana Valmont

Co-Founder & CEO of Kira Core

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