Online Gaming Is Breaking New Boundaries

The processing power of electronic gadgets has been on the rise, exponentially, this has resulted in new and unprecedented breakthroughs. But not only has there been advancements in hardware, but there has also been in the capabilities software; and the internet. The sphere of cryptocurrency (even though considered by many as new) has, is one of the fastest growing use of internet technology and is currently booming. So not only does it allow you transact securely online, but it also provides you with rapidly increasing interests; I am sure of some interest from the time I start this article too when I finish 😉. To cryptocurrencies, there is also the mining of cryptocurrencies which may not currently be as popular and requires some level of technological know-how/awareness.

What is Hash Rush? Has Rush is the first ever hash-powered game, which enables players to have fun as well as earn some crypto currency. It brings about a fun/cloud interactive means of mining crypto currencies. Since it is enabled for web browsers, it is within reach of a vast audience, and even though it might sound straightforward, the player gets to keep all the ore mined. It is necessary to state that Hash Rush is a Real-Time Strategy game, the key goal is to establish and grow a colony. Rush Coin(RC) which is an Ethereum-bases crypto-token has been developed for the game, such maintaining the focus on mining crypto currencies

Earning Rush Coins and Trading 
In Hash Rush, players can make Rush Coins in many ways, when the coins are collected, they can be used for transactions within the game. The earnings can also be used to in making advancements such as creating more miners and growing colony. Rush Coins can be earned by; 
• Completing Missions.
• Exchanging currencies with other players who are token holders.
• Mining Crypto Crystals which is part of the in-game features.
• Swapping items and units with other players.

While playing, there are some things which help the prospectors, miners, and engineers perform their jobs. With every earning, the Hash Rush platform comes with a system which allows for trading of these valuable items. So, whenever there is an item that is not wanted, it can be sold for more Rush Coins. For every exchange (bought or received), there is a card; and the cards are tradable. Immediately a card is earned, every attribute(perks) of the card is transferred to the player.

Crypto-mining has been made incredibly easy and fun; its reach has also been extended to millions of individuals. For such significant advancements, there has to be more awareness. There are Hash Rush Campaigns currently running on all social media platforms and participation is rewarded with Rush Coins. The Rush Coin Initial Coin Offering and pre-ICO are slated for this September, which means that ERC-20 compliant Rush Coins will be available for purchase. These purchases can be made possible using Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum Classic (ETC) or the Ethereum (ETH). The pre-ICO conversion rate for every 1000 RC will be 1 ETH and other benefits such as a bonus of up to 25% for every purchase and getting to choose a faction early, without waiting. Other advancements such as a mobile version for Android and IOS will be made available.