The Future for Automobiles

To a significant degree, the technological advancements are taking owning vehicles to a whole new dimension. New breakthroughs and advancements in the auto sector have been sprouting every day, and they make it very evident that owning a car and driving will become a very stress-free experience, no matter the distance that is meant to be covered. From the self-driving cars at Tesla to self-parking technologies, to cars that make use of the IoT and to the use of alternative fuel for our automobiles (to mostly reduce pollution); the future of car just started. A recent addition to these advancements happens to be a Gluon. Gluon is a platform that enables the inter-connectivity of the automotive market, a feat which is the very first of its kind. 
Gluon provides car owners, from individuals to businesses, to fleet managers, an interconnected platform for all their automotive needs. In simple terms, it is an interconnected network where whoever owns a car can monitor, diagnose, tune and even track their vehicle. This is an added functionality to all the already existing ones when integrated with them. With Gluon, car manufacturers are right there with you, not only the manufacturers but also repairers and suppliers of auto parts. Providing car owners with real-time support whenever they need it. Some of the advantages of the Gluon platform include;

  1. It enables the customers to diagnose their cars themselves.
    Gluon brings about a means where the car owner is in total control and has complete knowledge of everything going on in his/her vehicle. Such that you do not need to wait for a routine diagnosis or wait till there is a fault to visit a repair shop. Through the platform, you get real-time information on the status of your vehicle, what needs to be done and a direct link to either the manufacturer or a repair shop. If you can do the repairs yourself, you are also connected to suppliers of car parts where you can order your parts from.

2. Use of Crypto currencies for payment.
As with a whole lot of new advancements the Gluon platform makes full use of crypto currencies when transacting, making payments easy and funds quickly transferable for users. Users also get rewarded with the GLU Token, as well as services

3. Customers can place an order for new parts.
As one of the main functionalities of the platform, it cannot be restated enough. Gluon creates a link between the car owner and manufacturers or spare part suppliers. So dependent on the customer’s choice, he/she can place an order for replacement of faulty parts. This male the maintenance measures stress-free for the owner as all can be done from the comfort of a home or an office. It also reduces the risk of being stranded on the way as most vehicle owners decide to manage faulty parts as they drive to get the replacements. Gluon brings about easy.

4. Request Bids on Repairs.
This functionality of the Gluon platform helps the users both the car owner and repairer to save a little. The bidding on repairs lets the vehicle owner decide what cost of repair is favorable/affordable for him/her.

5. Car customizations.
Now, with complete knowledge of the vehicle, the owner can apparently decide on what performance parts the car should have, can easily order them and as well, install them. They can also regulate how much of every part should be used at every drive such as setting speed limits.

Other functionalities include giving repair shops the avenue to promote their stores to new markets; part distributors can track and equally distribute better. The services provided by gluon will include hardware sales, transaction processing, ECommerce sales of part and software subscriptions.