The new “Creative Professional”
Andric Tham

You are saying that this new Macbook pro is great tool for (web) developers. Good developers are using keyboard shortcuts for years. Now with Touch Bar, that changes every few screens, it’s going to be harder to remember where is what action if you want to use it.

Another showcase that Apple doesn’t understand developers is one of TouchBar actions for Terminal. There is option to change the background color for terminal!!! How often do you need this function? In terminal are so many more usefull shortcuts and commands, for example

  • split panels,
  • kill last command,
  • clear terminal window,
  • change size of fonts,
  • my saved ssh connection,

and so on, this are just few actions that can be there. Not the action to change background color.

You can try the new Touch Bar if you have installed the newest version of macOS and Xcode. Open Xcode, and press Cmd+Shift+5. It will open Touch Bar that works in all apps.

Another example that new Macbooks are not so great is the newest Dell XPS13 ( With Ubuntu preinstalled you will get intel 7th generation dual-core i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 3200x1800 touch screen. It’s 1.29lbs instead of 1.3lbs of new Macbook Pro. And it costs the same amount as base model of Macbook pro 13.3" with Touch Bar. Most of the servers use Linux distribution or Windows. They are not using macOS. Using Ubuntu for development is not so bad idea.

Do you still think that the newest Macbook PRO is the best tool for web-developers?

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