The last few weeks — even the last few days — have seen change that feels impossibly rapid. It’s disorienting and confounding. With so much to react to and so much uncertainty it’s difficult to look beyond today. And yet as unsettling as this moment may feel, it’s important to realize that what’s yet to come will have a still far more profound impact on our lives and our society. …

by Milan de Vries, outgoing Director of Analytics, MoveOn

At the end of this year, I will leave MoveOn and my role as Director of Analytics.

The timing is right for me to do that — my kids are young and I’d like to spend more time with them. After eight intense years, I’m also ready to rest up before a next adventure. Reaching that decision, though, wasn’t easy because for me this has been a dream job, with a dream mandate — to harness data and technology in service of excellent grassroots organizing. …

Milan de Vries

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