• Mark Ristaino

    Mark Ristaino

  • Sean Kosofsky

    Sean Kosofsky

  • Zijkstraal


  • Anu Patil

    Anu Patil

  • Majority Action

    Majority Action

    Together, we help to ensure that our investments, and our voices, lead to a better world for our communities and our future.

  • Randall Smith

    Randall Smith

    Desiger & builder of people-powered campaigns; founder of PowerLabs; formerly campaigns at Change.org; https://randallsmith.io/

  • Liz Manne

    Liz Manne

    Culture is the object of change and the agent of change.

  • Jesse Littlewood

    Jesse Littlewood

    Campaigner, digital strategist, redhead. Campaigns & Digital w/ Common Cause (commoncause.org); former Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School & Tufts

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