I’m back. Sorta.

It’s been a long time since I wrote publicly on the Internet. The last blog post I wrote was in 2012. I stopped for reasons that will become clear as I start to publish again.

I’m nervous about writing again, because my writing is going to take me to places I’ve never explored publicly. I’m not sure what kind of new audiences my writing will attract, nor am I sure that I’ll be able to keep existing acquaintances and colleagues. That said, I’m also hoping to reveal parts of myself that leave me feeling trapped, confused and alone. I’m not sure writing it out publicly will help, but it’s worth a shot.

There won’t be a particular order to my writing, and I don’t expect many people to read it. That’s comforting, in some ways, but it also opens me up to the possibility that writing out everything publicly won’t give me the satisfaction or inner peace I crave. If that happens, I may abandon the comeback before much momentum is reached. I trust you’ll understand.

Some additional, scattered thoughts:

  1. My writing is going to be haphazard. It’s not going to follow any logical train of thought. There won’t be themes, chapters or clearly delineated sections. For now, the blog is going to read more like a diary.
  2. My writing is going to sound like a stream of consciousness. There won’t be much editing, proofreading or grammar corrections. I’m usually very meticulous about writing, so I’m slightly nervous that people will see a first draft rather than a polished final edit. I hope you’ll forgive the results.
  3. As a result of #1 and #2, I don’t intend to share these posts widely. I won’t put them on Twitter or Facebook, and I won’t encourage anyone to share these posts. The posts themselves will be available on Medium, which means they won’t be shared through the Medium feed. It will be harder to find my writing, but not impossible…
  4. I can’t be sure that something I write won’t strike enough of a nerve to be shared anyway, by someone who finds it online and/or someone who is moved by it. That’s a risk I’ll have to bear.
  5. There is something trapped inside of me, and I believe that publishing my writing is the only way to let it out.
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