Trump banned transgender people from the military with invalid reasons

Today, Trump announced that transgender people will be banned from the military. The reasons he quoted were “tremendous medical costs and disruption”. Here’s why it’s all false.

To start with, the cost is not really big for the military. If you look at this tweet from Jenna Ruddock, the estimated cost of transgender treatments per year in the military is between $2.4 million and $8.4 million. But the cost Viagra treatment for erectile dysfunction was between %41.6 and $84.24 million in 2014.

I’m not going to attack people that need viagra here, not my point. I just hope we can at least agree that viagra isn’t as much a medical need as hormones are for trans people. The military has no problem spending more than ten times what it spends on trans people treatments, on Viagra.

Now, this includes gender reassignment surgery, which is the costly part… But what if the military provided only hormones, and not gender reassignment surgery? This would be a way to save a lot of money on transgender treatment, while not entirely banning trans people.

After all, gender reassignment surgery or even hormones aren’tcurrently paid by most insurances anyway, so it would be okay to only pay for hormones, and people that want surgery can save their own money. Then trans people would cost even less.

The truth is, it’s not about money. Trans people’s treatment costs almost nothing to the military’s budget, especially when compared to other conditions. They could even save money by not providing reassignment surgery if needed.

It’s definitely not about disruption either. Come on, trans people need to take a pill in the morning/evening, or have an injection every few weeks. Many people have treatments like that. How is that disruptive of anything?

Besides, trans people are already in the military right now, and their presence is not a problem.

Maybe it is disruptive, in a “we can’t be bothered to deal with trans people” way. I think in the end, that’s what it is all about. Conveniently getting rid of a minority with vague excuses.

This is especially bad as currently, the military is the first employer of trans people in the US. Trans people need access to the military, because as an opressed minority, it is often very hard if not impossible to find a job. Many trans people joined the military as a way to escape unemployment. Trans people are twice more likely than cis people to serve in military

Young trans people often don’t have the support that most young people do. They might have been kicked out of their home, or live in an abusive family that doesn’t accept them. The military is a great opportunity for them, that has just been taken away without a valid reason.

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