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Imagine a home where everything can be controlled with one tap on your smartphone. You can change the lighting according to your mood, lock and unlock your doors from anywhere, create a perfect environment for watching your favorite movies, and the list goes on. This indeed seems fascinating and sounds like we are living in a magical world, but all these things already exist in reality. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) which makes the concept of a smart home possible.

During the last winters, I got a chance to design a smart home application for Smartify that deals…

I am a self-taught UX designer and a huge fan of video games. Apart from enjoying the feeling of completing a good game, I’m fascinated by the way game designers employ a whole new dimension of user experience and the way humans interact with computer games.

This article is the story of how I designed my own Video Game from scratch — from understanding the basics of game design to overcoming the challenging stages along the way. The game finally got developed thanks to my programmer friend Vivek Kumar.

Understanding the Experience of Gaming 🎮

Courtesy: Resident Evil; Source: gfycat.com, alessandromarques

While playing a game, suppose…

Lessons from my Product Design Internship

If you ask me to name two things that I love, I would say design and umm…food 😋. And guess what, I found a place that has the perfect balance of both. This summer I got an amazing opportunity to be a Product Design Intern at Swiggy- India’s leading food ordering & delivery company.

It all started about a year ago, when I was in Bangalore, I met these two awesome Swiggy folks Saptarshi Prakash and Abhisek Mishra and came to know the amazing work they’ve been doing as designers. Over the past year, I have been fascinated by the…

Design story behind the Campus Hackathon of IIT Roorkee.

What is Syntax Error

We at SDSLabs (Software Development Section Laboratories), a student-run technical group of IIT Roorkee, constantly try to promote innovation and foster technical activities in the campus.

Syntax Error is one step towards this. It’s a campus-level hackathon where students come up in teams and work together to build some amazing applications from scratch. It’s 60-hours all about coding, coffee, designing, brainstorming, snacks and finally presenting the output. The main aim of this event is to indulge the freshers and tech enthusiasts of the campus to work together and learn from each other.

Organizing the event

As the organizers of this hackathon, our focus…

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‘’You’re lucky to be working on a hundred-crore app which can significantly change the lives of truck owners in the country. Always remember, good design is the one which creates an impact.’’

Istill remember these words which my mentor told me in the initial days of my Product Design Internship. Throughout the summers, while I was there, they were a constant source of motivation and excitement for me to create an impact through design.

This article describes the design process I followed while interning with one of the largest logistics companies in India.

Company and Project Brief

Blackbuck is a logistics solutions company in…


Landing Pages are quite in a buzz nowadays. If you’re a designer you may have put your hands to them sometime.

This article describes the landing page design process I followed for an internship assignment and how I used Illustrative Storytelling to increase the user engagement.

What are Landing Pages

A landing page is where the visitors or customers should reach after clicking an offer (generally an ad). It is designed specifically to accomplish conversion goals.

Before starting the project, I did some online research about landing pages in general, their purpose, how they differ from home pages, etc. …

Milan Maheshwari

Product Designer at Swiggy | IIT Roorkee Alum | milanmaheshwari.design

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