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How did we get here? Sports for the mind almost overtook physical sports; people questioned what sport is. The entertainment business grew exponentially. Electric took over transportation, it became all the rage. Basic Income was not yet universally introduced, but guaranteed income in most countries was; salaries got closer together. GDP is not considered progress any more, social health is. Consumers bought more experiences than products. Education was disrupted and freed from the chains. Building Hyperloops proved to be cheaper than building trains. Brexit made Europe stronger. Move aside, millennials, the first Gen Z got to 30.

These are not my predictions; these are optimistic ideas by people and companies from all over the world, waiting to come true.

Ideas change the world. We need new ideas.

The 20s was the decade of Gen Z, the most concious and practical of generations. They grew up during the 2008 recession, they were born after the internet went mainstream and they live in a world where marijuana went legal. They grew up on platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Twitch, livestreaming their lives to global influence.

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picture taken by Moren Hsu

Here’s why we discontinued the Codaisseur Design Academy after doing 3 classes and changing 20 people’s lives.

The beauty of the Codaisseur pledge is the job guarantee. It motivates students to work hard so they learn a lot in a short time; it’s a great value proposition for a company; it’s brilliant when graduates get hired; it did not go as planned with the Design Academy.

We started with the hypothese:

“We can achieve for digital designers what we do for developers; train talented people into work by facilitating a complete career switch in less than 6 months, ”

I only wanted to do this when we made the pledge to train people into work; make it…

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In the office Epicenter you have a cuddle puddle with a bunch of cuddly animals.

We did not get funded; we did get rich. I hoped the Amsterdam cohort would have been more edgy; but maybe that’s still to come. All in all I had a memorable experience participating in Antler’s first time in Amsterdam.

Antler is worldwide family of entrepreneurs and investors that aims to change the world, those were my words; and these are theirs:

“Antler is a startup generator and early-stage VC that enables the world’s most brilliant and determined people to build global businesses from the ground up”

Antlers are the fastest growing bone extensions in mammals, hence the name. Antler orginates from ‘arctic Sweden’ and has chapters all around the world, like in Singapore, New York, Sydney, Nairobi. Amsterdam was the first in Europe.

I got first in touch with the family when Patrick mentioned it in TQ, where I…

We are overwhelmed with the support of the players and coaches who have applied for UltiLeague. Even though we have not released all the details of how and when it will happen. It is a massive boost to us to know that we are on the right track and that there are people in the community who are keen for something as ambitious as this! Thank you for your enthusiasm!

We deliberately did not provide all the information upfront to create a little bit of mystery and intrigue about UltiLeague. Now in line with our principles of Transparency here is more information about UltiLeague! We openly acknowledge that we do not have all the answers and that we will need to test and prove some of our ideas. Our aim is to end up with something that works for the players, the community, and the fans — on a financially sustainable basis.

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Imagine the future

October 2024, a stadium outside New York. Bang, the fireworks go off and the women and men of…

You should apply design to your business, not just because I say so; but because the McKinsey Design Index says so. 🚀

A team at McKinsey & Company collected more than two million pieces of financial data and recorded more than 100,000 design actions. These actions are for example measuring satisfaction after design or putting design on a high priority by hiring and promoting designers high up the hierarchy.

“The findings in this research show actions that leaders can take to maximize their organization’s chances of designing products and services that delight customers, stand out from the crowd, and drive growth”
Ben Sheppard, Partner McKinsey & Company, London.

So it’s simple, make design a high priority in your company and culture, and…

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How fun would it be to see your friends and family work together to earn points; with those points earn the drinks at your birthday party.

40 quests and questions, 18 people armed with bicycles, 7 locations, 3 groups and 2 hosts—all this was a 4 hour quest where groups became competitive teams.

That was my idea for my ‘dirty thirty’ birthday party. I sent the invites over email and they could fill in a Doodle to plan a day.

The setup was “I want to do something special for you, since it’s a special year for me.” I needed a full afternoon, no more context was provided.

Then, 4 weeks before the date I sent out a text message from sender ‘Unknown?’ …

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One of Boris’ acquaintances knew a student, that seemed quite smart, this student needed Boris his advice on a venture he was starting to chase. They were connected through the acquaintance…

The student was graduating and wanted to either become a Management trainee at Abn Amro, or chase—according to Boris—a sort of Nigerian spammer like pyramid scheme. Eventually Patrick did neither, but he did start to work with Boris.

Some of the world's most impressive ideas, companies, organizations have been created by more than one person, how do these people meet? What was their first conversation? I tell the story.

This was 13 years ago

Patrick manifested himself deeply in the world of Boris, he was interested, enthusiastic and above all willing; willing to start entrepreneurial adventures and execute on wild ideas. …

Great friends think alike. Great minds think alike. When these bright ladies met, it was as like they fell in love.

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Some of the world's most impressive ideas, companies, organizations have been created by more than one person, how do these people meet? What was their first conversation? I tell the story.

From the first word of Rena Molter speaking Dutch, you can clearly hear she still has some German vocabulary in her sentences. She’s from Germany, and it’s great she speaks Dutch so well.

Communication is incredibly important for the relationships you have with people around you. And I’m not just talking about verbal contact. …

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In their/our TQ Amsterdam office

This is probably the weirdest duo I’ve ever seen. They come from such diverse locations and backgrounds that their ‘working together’ is an accomplishment in itself.

Some of the World’s most impressive ideas, organizations and achievements have been created by more than one person. How do these people meet? What was their first conversation? I tell their story.

Eveline Klumpers, a Dutch entrepreneur raised in Rotterdam that (still) works in the beauty industry, owning a couple stores, incredibly witty and ambitious, breathtakingly curious and a great sense of purpose.

Eveline is a woman to watch, and don’t just take my word for it. She has been selected by The Next Women as the 30 top talented entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. …

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The day that Tobias and Marcel met is still a bit vague, and the conversation they had as well, although it could have been about music 🎶. Here’s the short story of how our front end mobile development team met and work today.

Some of the World's most impressive ideas, organizations and achievements have been created by more than one person. How do these people meet? What was their first conversation? I tell the story.

On Slack it’s hard to spot the nuances, but not when you know each other, you can assume how people treat a question and how they answer.

When I asked Tobias La Feber to answer a few questions about how and he met Marcel Borsten I could hear him laughing from Rotterdam (me being in Amsterdam), he shared some GIFs, and eventually explained it was 27 years (!)…

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