In their/our TQ Amsterdam office

Does the endless mystery of the blockchain keep Alex and Eveline together?

This is probably the weirdest duo I’ve ever seen. They come from such diverse locations and backgrounds that their ‘working together’ is an accomplishment in itself.

Some of the World’s most impressive ideas, organizations and achievements have been created by more than one person. How do these people meet? What was their first conversation? I tell their story.

Eveline Klumpers, a Dutch entrepreneur raised in Rotterdam that (still) works in the beauty industry, owning a couple stores, incredibly witty and ambitious, breathtakingly curious and a great sense of purpose.

Eveline is a woman to watch, and don’t just take my word for it. She has been selected by The Next Women as the 30 top talented entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. She pitched for hundreds at TNW impact startup pitch battle and made it to the finals.

Alex Tran-Qui, a French raised clever geek, with an origin in Vietnam. He says ‘uh’ — when I recorded this interview — a lot, and creating the most impressive technology out there to serve humans.

Alex, a technologist with over 15 years of experience in the market finance industry. Only recently he jumped on the entrepreneurship train, is looking at how technologies — blockchains, smart contracts, server side swift — can change the way business is conducted.

They did not meet using Tinder…

Jokingly they started with saying that they met on this app to meet a partner around you which is referred to as ‘Tinder’. They know what Wildcard does so that joke is spot on. Manfred, who sits next to us during our lunch interview, laughs hard while I try to keep my poker face.

Eveline just wanted to know everyone and anything about the blockchain; that’s how they met. Intrigued and endlessly curious about this technology; to her it is socially and economically able to democratise the world. She was introduced by the right people to Alex, because she could not stop talking about it. At their first meeting it turned they could both not stop discussing and thinking of new applications for it.

That can turn out to be a recipe for a fruitful professional partnership. Alex was immediately impressed with Eveline asking the right questions, the questions that did not surface in his current partnership while working with blockchain.

Eveline owned a few bitcoins before she started their venture, a friend was ‘a miner’ and because of that she started reading up everything what was to read about the blockchain. What I’ve learned is that Eveline is incredibly eager to learn. For example, she takes feedback really well and she appreciates it that people say things straight up (coming from Rotterdam may have helped there).

Kata… katala…. Katalysis

We share an office space with Katalysis, so we have lunch together some times. Katalysis makes complex stuff, I grasp what they try to do, but how they do it is still a mystery for me which is unfolded every time we have conversations.

Katalysis is passionate to help publishers in the transition from print media to the digital era. Great articles need to be read, ánd rewarded. For this they built a Micropayment and Digital Rights Management service based on smart contract blockchain technology. They enable publishers, journalists and other content creators to distribute their content in a smarter way than in the ‘old world’.

They celebrate their partnership with not so old traditions, like fist bumping. At this point in the interview they give each other a fist bump, and Eveline switches hands, because while the jewelry wearing human she is, can be hurtful for the other party.

They also like to go to the smallest disco in the world, the disco we have in our office, made by TNW CEO Boris and one of his daughters.

With food they go for burgers, how fancy. She drinks a Weizzner beer, for Alex any beer on the tap suffices, we have drinks every Friday afternoon together, come visit us in TQ if you want to meet them in person to unfold the blockchain mystery.