How we can have more empathy?

Let’s look at solutions to be more connected to other people, to see the beauty in everyone, to get that extra mile for humanity.

Because we should not get divided. Not now, not ever.

I’ve written extensively about the disconnect, here about why Everyone’s connected, and there still is such disconnect? About a disconnected connected world with lots of technology and tools.

And here Why we should have more difficult discussions with people we don’t know, with individuals that challenge our thinking.

This acknowledged that all over again

I read this piece by Om Malik this morning on the disconnect specifically in Silicon Valley, the ‘walhalla of technology’:

I have never been to SF, but I have been in to the wild, in to places where amenities are extraordinary. I have yet go to favelas of South America, Africa and the highest nordics where the sun only shines one hour a day.

This part struck me:

It is not just Facebook. It is time for our industry to pause and take a moment to think: as technology finds its way into our daily existence in new and previously unimagined ways, we need to learn about those who are threatened by it.
Empathy is not a buzzword but something to be practiced. 
Let’s start by not raging on our Facebook feeds but, instead, taking a trip to parts of America where five-dollar lattes and freshly pressed juices are not perks but a reminder of haves and have-nots. Otherwise, come 2020, Silicon Valley will have become an even bigger villain in the popular imagination, much like its East Coast counterpart, Wall Street.

Last year I wrote about people should go more into the wild, out of their comfort zone, go out there and travel more than 5 weeks a year. It was well received because it such a simple thing to start with, but so powerful in hindsight.

What I’m telling here is not new, we should just do it all more, share lively stories with the right people, share constructive opinions to people personally because they need it, not because they want it, but because it’s necessary.

Is empathy the answer to everything?

Yesterday I finished the third book by Ernest Cline, the upcoming science fiction writer ‘famous’ from his dystopian but pleasant book on VR, Ready Player One.

While there were other forces at play (a worldwide alien attack, LOL), the book focuses on empathy (or sort of a meta empathy) to bring people together and create bridges in the most weird places. Ernest’s 3rd book Armada focuses strongly on empathy as the question and answer to everything.

Go read it, or listen to it, I enjoyed it because it’s uplifting in a way that we can make a difference and there’s hope, we have to be very aware and sensitive about the solutions.

People, talk with people, new people, unexpected people, ask questions! And help them, it’s so worthwhile!