Fear of Missing Business Opportunities
Nic Haralambous


Me and my team thought of something similar, the strong feeling you have when you go to an (business) event or place where your unfamiliar.

You invest time and spend some money to go there, you want to get the most out of it. We think there’s a lack of proper ways to get yourself out there in an efficient way, without being spammy.

And the other way around, finding great people in the crowd is hard, even online it’s a pain to cut through the clutter.

We cal this the FOMOP, the Fear Of Missing Out Professionally:

A little bit different than your FOMBO, I totally get yours too. It’s so incredibly important to stay within your core business, else you will be outrun by your more focused competitors. Or strand without business because people don’t get what you do.

Good luck with your sock venture 🃏, from the looks you’re doing an awesome job!

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