In the first part I have described the preparation for new joiners and how is important to have structured onboarding during the first weeks on a new job.

In this part we will go into more details of a personalized space.

Week 1

As the first day is about welcoming and meeting our team and getting comfortable to our office, the rest of the week will be a structured guideline to the role and more engineering topics.

We believe that transparency and communication are key values that help engineers to get integrated into an organization.

Having a personalized space as guideline helps…

This two part post is about onboarding engineers at N26.

For engineers starting a new job is always stressful, because we need to go through the process of integration again, processing a lot of information in a very short amount of time, figuring out how and what tool to install, who is responsible for this product, trying to remember all the names, etc, etc…

We just want to start working on this new cool product, how hard it can be?

Onboarding is a very important time for new joiners and it’s also a first impression of your organisation.

It’s the…

Milan Kuveljic

Head of Quality Engineering @N26

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