Be a Little Selfish

Connect with yourself

People often say ‘Yes’ to anything in either hurry or just because they just can’t say no. In busy life, we let our-self do work for others and that’s also not bad at all but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have right to explore ourself.

In social media, there is a feature called “Last Seen”. What if we also add this feature to our soul.

Do one experiment : Just determine a day whenever you are free and set 1 hour time for this experiment. In this one hour, just sit at your comfort place (Best place is nature according to me) but you can sit anywhere but make sure you are alone and no one will interrupt you for this time. Sit in place, without doing anything, without even your mobile phone, just sit alone without annnyyyyyy…thing just for an hour. Don’t let your mind get around you. In this time, you will have thoughts which you have never ever thought about. You will see the world as a much better place and this is the best time for creative ideas.

Being selfish means just owning a little time for yourself. Sometimes we should take actions that develop us no matter what it affect others. If you don’t take this decisions, at the end, you will only regret this times and no one, for whom you had thought before taking decision, will be there to assist you.

I’m not telling to be purely introvert but yourself also deserves you and you also deserve yourself.

So be self-connective periodically. Nature has given you that right then grab it boldly. Install a feature called “Last Seen” for yourself.

As I always say, get away from this stressful costly technology and connect with nature with free love. Be a little selfish.


A caring friend for all people.

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