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This article is part of Designing the New Web Browser publication, the previous post was The rebels and misfits of Web browsing, where I talked about current web browsers. A few words about browser wars and contemplating if people would like to use something else then Google Chrome these days. To make it short, the answer was yes and the alternative browsers which are mushrooming all over around are stating clear that the browser wars are not over.

Since the task for me is to build new browser and I am studying design, my solution has to be design-related. Dealing…

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This article is part of Designing the New Web Browser publication, the previous post was Part 2: The Birth of a Web Browser, where I talked about early days of the Web. I mentioned some of the ancient browsers which are discontinued today. Before we jump into making a new browser, let's zoom-in the timeline and revise evolution of temporary browser designs. Think of it as a previous article was a visit to the gothic cathedral or Vatican Museums. Now we are in a modern art gallery.

The war is coming

I was born in 1995, so in 2019, I am 24 years old…

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This article is part of Designing the New Web Browser publication, the previous post was Part 1: Building a new Web Browsing experience, where I talked about concept and background of this publication.

Before diving into developing new web browsing experience, one has to research first. What already was done in the field of web browser development? So let's name a few remarkable breakpoints in the short history of browsing the web. I will try to jump from generally known facts to perks I've found, well, on the web.

The purpose of this article is not to repeat what was…

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I've recently started to work on my diploma thesis, which is supposed to end my studies on Faculty of Multimedia Communications of Tomas Bata University in Zlin. I am aiming for a degree in Digital Design. This means designing UIs, websites, games, digital products, visual communication or doing videomapping. Not that it would have been possible to even touch some decent level of expertise in all of these. After a few assignments every student chooses her own niche and tries to master her own skillset.

At the end, every student writes diploma thesis. I will document the progress of working…

Tým letošního SUnaZFF

Za pár dní bude Zlín opět centrem kinematografie. Filmový festival se letos pořádá po 58. a jedná se o nejstarší akci pro děti a mládež tohoto druhu. Kdo navštívil předchozí ročníky, ví, že jde o týdenní non-stop kulturní program, který pohlcuje celý Zlín a nemá ve Zlínském kraji konkurenci. Ať už tě zajímají DJ’s, festivalové párty, koncerty, filmové projekce nebo finanční podpora audiovizuálních projektů, je tady tenhle blog, který tě Zlín Film Festivalem provede.

Aby jsi se neztratil ve více než 350 filmových projekcích, které ve Zlíně proběhnou, nebo více než 200 položkách doprovodného programu, je tady Studentská unie UTB…

Created with

I chose to work with generative graphics on my last semestral project at my university. During research I encountered a few interesting links and combined them with the university material from our professor.

Note that you will need coding experience to customize some of the projects, but you can still take a look on the demos.

I used Processing for the project at the end, but I am dumping the links for you here, so you can play with the tools. Sorted descending by coolness.


Creating cool motives or mandalas with just your mouse or touch.

GPU Fluid

Creating a background for…

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