Get Started With Twitch — Setting Up Streaming With OBS

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my first Medium story. My name is Milap and I will be showing you how to set up Twitch streaming using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). Please note I will be using a Macbook Pro for this tutorial.

Installing OBS

Make sure you have macOS 10.11 or newer installed on your device. Click on the link below and download the installer for macOS. Open the installer file and install OBS.

OBS Auto-Configuration

Open the OBS application. Once you launch OBS, select “Yes” to use the Auto-Configuration Wizard. Choose to “Optimize for streaming” and leave the Video Settings on default. Next, follow the image below for Streaming Information. Click the blue hyperlink beside “Stream Key” to be redirected to Twitch. Either Log In or Sign Up to view your key. Advance and click “Apply Settings” to complete the configuration.

Scenes and Sources

Once this is completed, you will need to set up “Scenes” and “Sources” — they can be found in the bottom left corner. Scenes are different segements. For example, each scene can represent separate podcasts. Within a scene are sources. Sources are what will be displayed on the stream. Let’s go ahead and set up a stream with two sources: video capture and window capture.

Video Capture (live webcam)

In order to set up the live webcam, click the “+” button under sources and select “Video Capture Device”. You can rename the source to anything you like. Now click on the “Device” dropdown menu and select “FaceTime HD Camera”. The resolution has been preset and you can leave it as is. Select “OK” to continue.

Window Capture (screen mirroring)

Just like the steps above for video capture, click the “+” button again but this time choose “Window Capture”. Again, rename this source as you wish. You will then be prompted to select a window to capture. For example, if you have a Google Chrome window open, you can select that from the drop down list.

Once you have selected the window, press “OK”.

Some Final Touches

This is what your screen should look like. If you do not see the video capture, it may be hidden behind the window capture. In order to fix this, look at the sources list in the bottom left corner and drag the video capture, in this case “Macbook Webcam”, above the window capture. You can also resize the video or window capture by dragging the red corner or midpoints.

You’re Ready to Stream!

You are now ready to begin your stream. Log in to your Twitch account and click on your username in the top right corner. From the dropdown menu, select “Channel”. You will see that it says Offline.

When you are ready, head back to your OBS window and select “Start Streaming” from the bottom right corner. Your Twitch channel should now say Online and display your stream.

Hope this helped you launch your first stream. Enjoy!