Today I watched this absolutely great film. Sister James, a very innocent and naive teacher of the parish school, shares with Sister Aloysius,the strict principal of the school, her suspicion that Father Flynn,the priest, is paying too much personal attention to Donald, an altar boy and the school’s only black student. However, we can’t actually say if it’s true, that explains the name of the film.

Here are some new words:
  1. To outshine-затмить
  2. fidgety- суетливый, неугомонный
  3. peripatetic-странствующий
  4. constellation- созвездие
  5. to be up to no good-замышлять что-то нехорошее
  6. to corroborate-подтверждать
  7. self-induced- причиненный самому себе вред
  8. sermon-проповедь
  9. clumsy-неуклюжий
  10. calamity-беда, бедствие
  11. secular-мирской,светский