Happy Easter!




black tie-смокинг

to be overdressed-разодеться

clacks-широкие брюки

garment bag-чехол для одежды

flattering- хорошо сидит на ком-то

chestnut-каштановый цвет



to alter-перешивать

repulsive -омерзительный

Also, I’ve read a really great book called “The Middle Class Gentleman” by Moliere and was really impressed. It wasn’t hard to read it at all and some parts made me laugh really hard.

My challenges

I guess that the main goal for the next week is to make all the dialogs for the Midterms. It’s going to be hard as there is a lot of material that we need to use.

My achievements

Hmm, there were probably no big achievements that week. It was eventful, but still, I can’t think of anything really cool. I can only say that Daria and I have already made one dialog, well, almost.

My sharing

I feel really happy after two days being at home. All the delicious food, my dear parents and just the atmosphere has made me really relaxed.