It’s been a full month of studying! Can you believe it?!

Time goes so fast! Every Monday i’m like “oh, it’s going to be a looong week” and then suddenly it’s the weekend. How is it even possible?

As always, i have something that i’d like to tell you about, something that is very exciting and important for me. On Friday we had to make our own dialog and present it in front of the rest of our group. It was ok at first but at the end we kind of messed it up for a bit :D I hope it’ll be better next time. Also, there were some REALLY good dialogs presented by some people from my group, that made me really impressed. Here is the photo.

Also, we’ve met some cool people from the second year, such great and friendly guys. Then we had to translate some song into English and it was very hard at times as it was full of metaphors.

(We were so focused:D)

Moreover, we’ve learnt some cool expressions and idioms from the Groundhog day. For example, “to go out of the limb” means to take a risk, “to pay top dollars” means to pay a high price for something, “a moron” is a person who’s quite stupid. One of my favorites was “to be a sucker for ” and it’s when someone is really keen on something. Also, the phrase “NANCY, NANCY TAYOR” is forever stuck in my head.

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