Today I watched the film called “North” and I’m definitely impressed! It teaches you to appreciate the things you have, because usually they’re the most important ones.

Plot summary:

This film is about a young boy North who’s not satisfied with the way his parents treat him. The story begins when North gets a panic attack during his parents’s disagreement. He realizes that they, apparently, don’t care about him at all. He meets a stranger in a very weird pink costume who gives him advice to try to talk with his parents before making some stupid decisions, but North decides to find new parents anyway. With the help of his classmate Winchel he goes on his search, visiting many various countries and states. Unfortunately, as it turns out, there are no people in the whole world who can replace his parents. North realizes that it was a huge mistake to leave them, so he goes back home to the people who truly love him, trying to change the situation. Then he wakes up and realizes that everything he had to come through earlier was just a dream.

My personal expressions

North is a very touching movie that every person, not only a child, can enjoy. It gives you a chance to see the world through the eyes of a 9 years old boy North and it’s very interesting to see the way his brain works. Also, this film is quite instructive because it teaches you a lot and makes you realize some things that we haven’t think of before.

North is a very clever and active child who’s life we can call quite successful despite the fact that he’s only a 9 years old. He’s satisfied with almost everything he has, except one thing: the way his parents treat him. So he makes a big deal about it and goes around the world searching for better parents. But was it really a problem or just a child’s wild imagination? While traveling, he meets some really kind and caring people who could never leave him alone, but there’s still something that makes him feel edgy and sad. And that’s what helps us to realize that the problem was with North, not with his parents. Sometimes we only start to care about something when something’s already gone and this is one of the morals that this movie gives us. “There is no place like home”-says some wise man in the film. Personally, I think that there’s no way to feel yourself happy in this world without appreciating the things we have. And only when North realizes it, he feels himself better.

To conclude, I want to say that this film got me really impressed. Some scenes got me laughing so hard. And the acting was brilliant. So i didn’t regret the time I spent on watching this movie.