The class with junior students!

Today our group had a meeting with some junior students and now I want to talk about the things I’ve learnt. Well, it goes without saying that the girls were really friendly to us, they were ready to answer every single question and we appreciated it a lot.

The thing that I’ve been really anxious about for the last three months is the Work&travel program as I had no idea how to do everything, where I could apply for a visa and, the most terrifying thing, how much money would the whole program actually cost me. But the girls kind of calmed us down by saying that almost everybody had managed to get their visas done. We’ve also learnt that, after coming back from America, they had managed to return all the spent money to their parents. It was totally surprising to me in a good way as I kept worrying about it. I’m just so desperate to go to America, I even had some butterflies in my stomach while listening about living there, this is soooo exciting! And even though I’m still not sure if my parents have an opportunity to pay for me, as it’s quite expensive, it’s still good to be actually aware of the program. The girls have also told us about some things that we should be kind of cautious with, about the upcoming exams and the whole year in general.

Well, all in all, thanks so much to the girls for listening to our questions and for answering them in detail.