The previous week


I’ve learnt a lot of new words and phrases. Most of them are connected with sport:

  1. Paddle-ракетка
  2. oar-весло
  3. shuttlecock- воланчик
  4. canoeing-академическая гребля
  5. archery-стрельба из лука
  6. rowing- гребля на байдарках
  7. hernia- грыжа
  8. medicine cabinet- аптечка
  9. to hurl a javelin-метать копье
  10. track and field-легкая атлетика

Also, now I know what lacrosse is, because I had no idea before. Moreover, I realized that I had been pronouncing the words “canoeing”, “karate” the wrong way for a looong time. I hope that I won’t make such stupid mistakes in the future.

My achievements

I feel like I spend less time now doing my homework. Because it doesn’t really matter how much time we spend on it, the thing that matters is the result. I remember how I always had to stay up until 2 or 3 am because I just couldn’t finish something, I guess that I was just being way too really slow.


Yesterday I started reading a book called “Little Women”. I read it in Russian a few years ago but It’s definitely more interesting in the original.

My challenges

As I said before, I have some problems with speaking, so today I first tried watching one video from TED TALKS and repeating after a speaker with two seconds delay. The video was about time saving. At first it was a bit unusual for me as sometimes the woman was talking a bit too fast. Anyway, I think that I did well.