This week was rather challenging for me even though I had to miss one day of studies. It was hard as I needed to prepare for the test on Latin and I was afraid to fail just like I did before. But there were some exciting moments too, of course. For example, on Thursday we presented an episode from “Friends”. And the funniest part was when the girls acted out the episode in Russian. They were so good!

I think it’s time to talk about my discoveries, here are some words and phrases I’ve learnt:

to purchase-покупать



quarter-25 центов


to pace the floor-ходить взад-вперед

to sneak a taste-попробовать

Nourishment- питание

Shepherd’s pie-картофельная запеканка с мясом

to baffle-сбивать с толку

go easy on smth-не налегать на что-то

As for my achievements, I don’t think I had any that week, but I’m going to start making one dialog today, at least I’m planning to.

My challenges

I need to prepare for the Latin test on Friday

I have one essay to write

I’ve only done one exercise from the Training Packages :( I think I’ll do some of them today. Probably one or two dictations.

My sharing

I don’t really have anything to share with, but this is how I spent my Friday night :D Why not, I mean, we only live once :) I know how it’s not a big deal, but it still made me happy as I haven’t done this for aaages :D And yes, the quality of the photo leaves much to be desired.