Year 2015 in Photograph!

By Mila Vae Alvarez

When I start looking back at the year that is quickly coming to a close and remembering the things — and people — I am most grateful for, I give thanks to God for all my blessing. Year 2015 was a big, exciting, adventurous year for me. I developed a strong relationships with incredible, special people; I distanced myself from less great humans; I’ve taken care of sickest patients and traveled the world.

January 2, 2015. View from my NEW apartment in Grand Concourse close to Yankee Stadium. 😍
January 8–12, 2015. MIAMI vacation for Sarah’s 30th Birthday celebration! (From the left — Anne, Nancy, Tricia, Sarah, Me and Candice).
January 30, 2015. BFF visited me in New York. First stop…Filipino Restaurant! 😂
February 1, 2015. Celebrating life and FREEdom!
February 2015. We will fight you, Ebola. 😷
February 13,2015. It was a sad, cold, lonely day for me.
February 22,2015. Watching this little one sleep after long night at work. It never gets old.
March 9,2015. Babe purchased his new car.
March 23, 2015. Tricia’s birthday brunch! 💋
March 27-April 1, 2015. Visited my family, friends and my old University where I went to college in Indiana.
My Mama with Nico.
Holding hands with my baby boy. 🐾
April 5, 2015. Happy Easter! 🐣🐣
April 22, 2015. Angelica’s birthday party! 🙊
April 2015. Spring time!!🍃
April 30,2015. Finally, my living room is coming together!
Taken May 23,2015. Jayden’s 3rd Birthday Celebration.
May 28-June 3 2015. Visited Mexico for the 2nd time. Chichen Itza, one of the 7 wonders of the world.
Romantic dinner near the beach. Riviera Maya, Mexico.
June 2015. I was studying for my CCRN. 🤓
4th of July Weekend BBQ in Long Island with the family.
4th of July 2015. 🇺🇸
New hairdo 2015! #shorthairdontcare
July 18,2015. Somebody broke into my car and took EVERYTHING. No mercy! 😡
July 28,2015. That was a busy night at work!
July 30-August 4. Visited mom in Indiana for her birthday!
August 8–11. Tricia and D in New York.
I love this girl to pieces. 👯
August 16, 2015. My early birthday brunch.
August 19,2015. My real birthday celebration. ❤️
August 29 — September 2, 2015. Las Vegas, Nevada.
Las Vegas 2015
September 17–19, 2015. London, UK! 🇬🇧
September 19–23, 2015. Rome, Italy!🇮🇹
September 29,2015. Babe’s 29th birthday. ❤️
October 5,2015. Brunch for Iris.
I love these people! ❤️
October 15,2015. Babe wrecked his car. 😭
Nerd student and a naughty professor. Halloween 2015 👻

November 29- December 3,2015. Bangkok, Thailand.
December 3–8, 2015. Phuket, Thailand. 🇹🇭
December 19,2015. Cardiothoracic ICU Holiday Party. 🎄
December 22, 2015. Tricia’s going away party! 😭
December 25,2015. Christmas Day with my love! 🎄
December 25, 2015. Jayden is helping us build his first bike.

New Years Eve. People hope for a better days — a fresh start.

2015 may or may not have been the best year for you. Whatever it is, be thankful and know that God has great plan in your life.

I see a bright big brand new, awesome life well travelled, great year ahead. 🎉🎉

Cheers! 🍻

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