Generic Tadalafil Solves Erection Difficulties Cheap

Generic Tadalafil

Those suffering from impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) can achieve a lot of savings if their doctors have prescribed PDE5 inhibitors for their condition. It is now possible for these patients to buy these medicines cheaply and once again obtain sufficient penile erection and enjoy sexual activities. This happy development comes as a result of the wide availability of unbranded ED medicines such as generic tadalafil which is marketed in the more expensive Cialis brand.

Like its branded counterparts, generics are safe and effective. Per regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the active ingredients in both generic and branded medicines must be the same; their dosage and strength must be equivalent as well. These two drug offerings differ only in the inactive ingredients which are used to give form, flavor or color to the medication.

A generic drug comes out cheaper because it is the bioequivalent version of the branded product. It is a result of reverse-engineering of drug compounds already known and without patent, and hence its manufacturer does not incur drug development cost. No added costs of testing and seeking approval of drugs like generic tadalafil are also incurred by their manufacturers because these medications have already passed efficacy and safety standards. Furthermore, manufacturers of generic drugs do not spend much on marketing and promotions unlike those spent for the branded items. Also, most generic medicines are made in India where the cost of labor and production is substantially lower. The reduced costs to the generic drug makers mean savings amounting to between $100 and $800 million, by some estimates.

The emergence of generic drugs, therefore, comes as a blessing to millions of males who have penile erection difficulties. If previous estimates are to be taken into account, there is a chance that one out of 10 men stands to benefit from the lower prices of medicines like generic tadalafil. Its users can take comfort from the fact that the tadalafil compound used in this medicine was developed by a joint venture of the multinational drug company Eli Lilly. The company`s branded ED drug Cialis was approved as a prescription medicine by the FDA in 2003.

This medicine for males having difficulty in erection of their penis works by inhibiting an enzyme called PDE5 which is the nemesis of another enzyme called cGMP. Accumulation of cGMP enzyme in a man`s penile area is crucial in achieving male erection. If the PDE5 enzyme overcomes the body`s cGMP production, ED occurs for which generic tadalafil is one cure. Conversely, inhibiting PDE5 results in healthy cGMP levels which allow the penis muscular tissues called corpus cavernosa to relax and absorb more blood into the penis.

The more blood it is in the penis, the harder and firmer the erection becomes. This increased blood circulation in the male sex organ can be conveniently provided by the orally taken PDE5 inhibitors like generic tadalafil. If you want to learn more about erectile dysfunction and male virility related subjects follow the link below.