Premature Ejaculation — Causes and Remedies

Excuse the budding Casanovas if they have premature ejaculation in their initial sex forays. In the novelty and excitement of the sexual intercourse, their inexperience is likely to manifest, firing their thrusters` rockets way too early in an intimate encounter. However, if this situation persists, then Houston we`ve got a problem, and it`s time to consult a doctor.

Most macho men would be a shy about talking to a medical practitioner or even to a close friend when it comes to sexual inadequacy, particularly if it`s reaching their climax quite very early in the sex act and thus, failing to fully satisfy their mates. But there`s no need for them to be reserved on premature ejaculation. It is estimated that one out of three males has encountered this sexual aberration, and there are ways to tackle this inadequacy in bed. That is, if its root cause in an individual can be established and properly addressed.

In general, the exact cause of this sexual dysfunction remains a mystery. In medical literature, it was once purveyed that the condition is purely a result of psychological factors. Negative sexual experiences early in life was thought to be one contributory factor, such as feelings of guilt brought by religious beliefs or societal norms in a pre-marital sex, and hurried sex due to lack of privacy. Stress or anxiety in sexual performance and in other issues outside sex, such as professions or careers, can also be the reason behind premature ejaculation. The problem can likewise be traced to a male`s relationship with his partner, if the condition only surfaced in having sex with this current bedmate.

More recent research showed, however, that ejaculating prematurely could also be a combination of psychological and physical factors. Men concerned about erectile dysfunction or failing to maintain or obtain a firm erection during the sex act may establish a pattern of rushing his climax to cover up his inadequacy, an attitude which can be hard to alter. Other studies point to several biological factors which could bring about many males` proclivity to climax very early. These culprits of premature ejaculation include abnormalities in reflexes of the ejaculatory system and in the levels of hormones and neurotransmitter brain chemicals. The male malady, likewise, may result from certain problems with the thyroid or from infection and inflammation of the urethra or the prostate glands.

Considering these combined factors, what doctors often recommend is a combination of treatment procedures. These solutions can be a mix of medications, psychotherapy and sexual therapy. Some simple therapeutic protocols call for masturbating one hour or two hours prior to sexual intercourse to prevent ejaculating prematurely. Another method some doctors suggest in addressing premature ejaculation is to refrain from sexual intercourse for some time and instead focus on other forms of sex activity to relieve stress and anxiety between the partners. Addressing erectile dysfunction could also form part of the therapy, as well as taking some medications or administering some topical creams. A link below provides more answers concerning male sexuality.

Premature Ejaculation
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