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Mildred Cheng
Oct 7 · 3 min read

Disclaimer: Everything is my opinion. You are more than welcome to disagree! If I get my facts wrong, please do correct me too.

Turning 22 invoked a lot of nostalgia. Notable dates always seem to invite memories of the past and “this time last year”s. It often feels like all is and has been lost, and places been are places of change. It can often feel heavy as I remember what once was. Even shopfronts change.

“Our respect for other people… can only grow from a humble respect for the cosmic order and from an awareness that we are a part of it… and that nothing that we do is lost, but rather becomes part of the eternal memory of being.”
- Vaclav Havel via Brain Pickings

“Looking at the world as a manifold of interconnected processes has scientific and philosophical advantages, but there are more prosaic benefits too. Process philosophy invites us to look at longer stretches of time, blurred boundaries and connected relations. Identity as a programmatic — but not deterministic — process welcomes innovation through small, recurring changes. Under these metaphysical assumptions, a meaningful life is less about finding your ‘real’ self than expanding its boundaries.”

Process, as opposed to substance, things, items, objects. We exist as movements, “for a brief time monotonous”. We do not stand still, we are ephemeral.

Brené Brown says a lot about boundary-setting (I am actually 50 years old, referencing Brené Brown). “The setting and maintaining of boundaries is revealing what you care about and choosing self-respect over what makes other people happy”. Boundaries as a show of strength and knowing yourself rather than a blockade/isolation.

As we continue through the routes/roots of language, identify and understanding, a constant awe of language persists and the human brain’s ability to comprehend and realise neuro-links. The article talks about what her mother tongue means to her, and what she associates it with. What particularly intrigued me was the concept of visualisation; how the same word in two languages can evoke completely different feelings, meanings, mental imagery.

It is so important to me to keep my languages alive, that the irony of coming to the UK to learn/practice my Mandarin and Cantonese is such.

Between heaven and earth lie briefly touched spaces where the graze of a thumb could send you spinning

Between death and an angel the last breath marks an onward journey — transitionary

Between air and solid ground is a bodily state change, but more fearful than anything

Between beginning and end are anticipatory notions and periods of elation in fluctuations

Between 1 and 2 lie possibilities ad infinitum lest finite probabilities cut us short

Between weakness and strength is a threshold of subjectivity and subjectively speaking your spinning is strength

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