Before Winterizing Your Boat, Follow These Steps

Having a boat is a big responsibility. It’s worth taking the extra steps to make sure it will last for a long time. After enjoying the boat throughout the Summer months it will be time to prepare to winterize and make sure the boat is kept someone warm and dry until the warmer months come back around. By following these steps you will be able to keep your boat running well for a much longer time than if you just left it in the water or placed it in storage without concerning yourself of the proper steps to take.

Begin with taking your boat out for the last time at the end of the season. Recognize any repairs that may be needed and consider making the repairs and replacing anything that needs replacing such as the boat propeller. You may have to buy boat propellers. In this case you can replace the old with the new before storing the boat away. Then return to the water for one last trip to ensure everything is working properly.

Once you buy boat propellers and/or replaced and repaired anything needed the next step would be to clean the boat from the inside out. Once you take it out of the water you should begin scrubbing down the deck and remove and kind of grime that has accumulated on the exterior. Clean strainers for any water excess and then let it dry.

Add fuel to the boat and include a gasoline stabilizer that is able to reduce condensation during the time it sits. Once you topped it off run it for 15 minutes. Clean any filters that may be clogged and change the engine oil.

Consider your intake line and discharge hose where you will need to run non-toxic antifreeze through to make sure they are cleaned. Drain out water tanks and water heaters. You can run the antifreeze through these lines to thoroughly clean out drains, pumps and lines.

Remove the battery and any other type of electronic from the boat. Remove any corrosion left on the battery and then place the boat and the battery in a warm dry place for the Winter.

Keeping up with the maintenance of your boat is important. You will have the luxury of riding out on your boat for a longer time and have complete enjoyment of the Summer months without having any concerns of needing to replace items before getting started. Buy boat propellers or any other major part of the boat by that will help keep it running efficiently.

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