Why should be an Ethereum Personal Wallet?

why why why ???

Hi :D
We are Mile Team!

Do you remember that if you want to participate ICO, you must have personal wallet like MyEtherWallet[MEW] or EtherScan
As I mentioned earlier, to get Mile token, you have to send Ethereum from your personal wallet to Mile Team.

But, what is more important here?
what what what ?????

Exactly! You should NEVER send Ethereum from exchange wallet !

Must send it from the personal wallet!

You might wonder why you should do it.
Yes, I’ll explain to you why :)

Bitcoin → Smartphone // Ethereum as operating system and Token → Application

Let me give an example for you ! 
You have frequently heard of the comparison of the Bitcoin, Ethereum or Token as a smartphone.
We can say Bitcoin as a smartphone itself, Ethereum as operating system, and Token as app.

Now, let think Ethereum as Android and Mile as a app. 
Ethereum personal wallet is some kind of system that you make an app on Android. Mile is an applicable app to Android.

So the process of sending Ethereum from personal wallet to Mile Team is similar to downloading apps from Android. So, if you send Ethereum to Mile Team, then we can convert as much Mile of the Ethereum as you sent. And we can send it back to your personal wallet.

However, exchange wallet can be compared to iOS. So like an app that is only compatible with Android, you can’t get Mile from your exchange wallet.

Of course, assuming we create an app that is compatible on iOS, you can use it in your exchange wallet after we’ve created it.

But, since Mile is not listed on the exchanges yet, you can only get it in your personal wallet.

Do you understand? 
Or is too difficult for you?

So then please remember this !

‘If there is an exchange listed for the Mile, you can get Mile to exchange wallet. But currently there isn’t one listed yet. Mile Team can send Mile to your personal wallet because your personal wallet can create Mile token address.’

Is it too hard ?? Don’t worry !

The only thing to remember is you must send Ethereum from “YOUR PERSONAL WALLET”.

Then get ready to participate to Mile ICO → :D