OnePageX the easiest tool for exchanging cryptocurrencies


OnePageX is a tool for the exchange of cryptocurrency in order to provide a service that facilitates converting currencies without losing time.

OnePageX wants to reduce the exchange process where it can be managed in a single page and in a few steps, with a simple, clear and safe procedure.


OnePageX works without registration. Accepting numerous cryptocurrency conversions without having to do any KYC registration process. OnePageX uses a URL to store a session, the user then can copy and past it for using the session as much as the user wants.

In OnePageX, exchanges are processed in a way that cryptocurrency are transferred directly from one wallet to another.


Exchange integration gives confidence with new challenges for the majority that seeks the best prices for cryptocurrencies, OnePageX creates an environment of trust, reduces the difficulty by not being limited, with the ease of having access to a great number of available cryptocurrencies (more than 140 cryptocurrencies). It also searches for the best price based on the integration of OnePageX with other exchanges.

The transaction fees charged are very small. The calculation of the rates is already included in the transactions. It should be noted that the duration of the exchange occurs at the time the deposit is confirmed. Most transactions are almost instantaneous, it only takes time for deposit transactions to be confirmed on the blockchain.

OnePageX Innovative tool will accelerate the implementation of new services in cryptocurrency exchanges.


OnePageX will add financing assets to give users even more options, facilitating access to a thriving economy to continue creating cryptocurrencies to satisfy the needs of all users.


Fundamentally, security and privacy are preserved allowing the trading of cryptocurrencies in a simple interfax. OnePageX is the simplest cryptocurrency exchange, with the largest selection of cryptocurrencies.

Without registration = more simple:


The project aims to offer a service that allows exchanging currencies with the shortest time, avoiding the registration process and the complex steps to carry out the transactions. OnePageX offers the benefit of exchanging from a single page with ease and without dedicating more time with the security needed for the transactions to be carried to a happy term.

The largest selection of currencies:

Digital money is, in general, any means of monetary exchange made by electronic means. Virtual money is money that only exists in its digital format. OnePageX will improve trade and support with this exchange a stable global economy.


The ease with which a cryptocurrency can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies increases the volume of transactions in the exchange. OnePageX counts with more than 150 cryptocurrency pairs.

Integration of the widget OneBox:

Widgets are small applications whose main mission is to show and give easy access by offering information in a very visual way and without requiring coding knowledge. OnePageX will be able to integrate easily both on mobile and desktop browsers.



Once the deposit has been confirmed in the chain of blocks, the exchange will proceed immediately, allowing several transactions from one page.

Rest assured that your funds are safe.


In this era of virtual technology the goal is to remain at the forefront of virtual exchanges, reducing costs and time in operations.

OnePageX is getting involved in the integration to facilitate its users the ability to make exchanges with low fees per transaction, with more than 150 cryptocurrencies to exchange.

OneBox has the solution to make this integration a reality, by copying the OneBox link through the navigation bar and simply copy the code provided in your template. OneBox is compatible with desktop computers and mobile devices and offers the full functionality of OnePageX in a single frame.

How OnePageX will benefit the crypto ecosystem

Globally, financial institutions are paying more attention to new technologies in the world of virtual technology. With the evolution of the cryptocurrency, the financial world has taken a lot of interest in this technology and has decided to integrate more every day.


Providing such a simple and secure exchange service, OnePageX incentives more financial actors to start a venture in the crypto ecosystem.

Use case 1


Carl is a professional of the education, with many professional obligations and with little time to attend to her financial affairs. He wants a virtual currency exchange to trade his cryptos without losing a second and without complications. Carl’s needs are well addressed by OnePageX.

Use case 2


Helen is an amateur crypto trader. Its dividends are generated by the operations it manages to perform in the shortest time with the different cryptocurrencies. She has found the perfect exchange that meet her requirements for trading with high levels of privacy. Traders always wants their identity to be unknown due to possible attacks from malicious actors to stole their assets.

In OnePageX she has found the best tool to carry out her exchanges in an efficient and safe way.


I’m sure that OnePageXwill be an exchange tool with huge success. It provides users with the most simple mechanism to exchange their cryptos and creates the opportunity for many users to trade with the higher levels of privacy.

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