The most fun way to earn money by sharing your writings.


¿You want to make money from writing awesome content?


The great Internet! Undoubtedly traveling through this vast network interconnected by smart devices and computers you’ve stumbled on platforms amazing platforms but they are not always easy to use and you might not be aware of all its potential benefits.

Today I want to introduce you to

As an active Steemit blogger and participant in the Original Works competitions, I’m going to introduce you to this, an extraordinary hub that allows you to share articles about extraordinary projects and make a profit from them.

With the launch of the platform, writing competitions events can be organized in a freat number of different platforms like Medium, Reddit, Twitter, among others. Also, leverages the wonders of the Steem blockchain and allow content creators to receive rewards in Steem.
 goes hand in hand with Original Works

Starting is really simple!

  • Register filling the requested information.
  • Update your profile,
  • Once your registration is effective. Log in.
     Select an active event, create great content for the chosen event and submit your entry.
  • When the event ends the articles will be judged and rewards will be distributed according to the quality of each submission.



We all started as small fish, by staying energetic and enthusiastic on the platform, we go up in the rank according to the classification of the system.

The vision is to reward according to the ranges achieved in the system and thus encourage users to stay active with the projects launched.



CateredContent’s objective is to connect people from the globe while sharing the topics that you are most passionate about, thus guaranteeing participation in new projects with the intention of keeping users active on the platform. Thus onboarding to the crypto ecosystem amazing personalities from different parts of the world.


 The platform has launched many events in the pasts and is willing to increase that figure more, thus motivating simultaneously new content creators to join this amazing hub and already enrolled content creators to keep submitting amazing posts.

The participants will be delighted with the surprises that have prepared,
 making the most attractive platform to share and receive new writing-holics like myself.

Register now. Let’s grow together! Join me in this wonderful adventure!

It is important to follow these Instructions:

• ¡Write an article about! Multiple or unique entries are allowed (as long as they are on different platforms). Multiple entries will receive bonuses based on the number of additional shipments.
 • If you are publishing on Reddit, use a string of blocks or subreddit related to cryptocurrency. Some subreddits remove items, so make sure the item is not deleted. Alternatively, please post on r/
 • If you send both for Medium and Reddit, do not hesitate to republish the same content. One will be treated as a complete article, while the other will earn a bonus.
 • For Twitter and Instagram you just have to share a link or a screenshot. Please use the relevant blockchain-related hashtags.
Note: it is recommended that you use the same social media channel as the one indicated in your profile.

Available Media Platforms:

Additional Information:

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My steemit account is @truelovemom

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